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Scouting Radio are proud to partner with Tiqbiz and promote this user friendly app around the world

Tiqbiz is a multi-purpose communications app designed by Value Nation and partnered with Scouting Radio. The app is used worldwide as a communications platform for schools and other organisations but now it has been adapted to Scouting. Scout Leaders  are jumping to get their hands on the app and communicate with Scout parents and more.

John Kenny, of the Malahide Sea Scouts, the first Scout Group to use the app, said that it was an important development for Scouting globally.“Before the app came along each one of the troops had a youth media correspondents but they were only sending information on Facebook or Twitter,” said Mr. Kenny. “This means now that we can target the information to their specific families.”

Scouts and parents can simply download the app for free from the App Store or the Play Store, select their Scout group from the menu, and they will receive all the live updates from the event, as well as background information on the Jamboree, directly to their phone. If the group wants to remain private a password will be required.

The app will also work in conjunction with Scouting Radio. Users of Tiqbiz will be able to listen to live updates from the 24 talk radio station for Scouting.

Listen to the interview with John Kenny explaining the uses of the Tiqbiz App

Scouting Radio are encouraging Scout groups to purchase a Tiqbiz for Scouting package and begin using the app with their Scout Group.

Just some of the Features available

  • Administrators or Leaders will have a separate admin app and login to update the Tiqbiz page for the Scout Group
  • The app is free to download on iPhones, Android devices and even be used on your home PC
  • Leaders can send "Push notifications" to parents and automatically view when the message has been read by the parent
  • Much much much more cost affordable than a Leader sending 30+ texts to different parents
  • Instant delivery of messages to receivers all together as one instead of individually remembering 30 parents numbers!
  • The ability to have a digital signature for parents to sign health forms and permission to hike / activity forms
  • The ability for parents to send a private 1 to 1 to a Scout Leader or administrator
  • Leaders can share photos, videos or text to the parents and view when the latest updates are read
  • The ability to listen to Scouting Radio through the Tiqbiz App.
  • You can use as much data as you like including, Alerts, Posts, Calendar events, Videos, photos, PDF’s, digitally signed participation and permission forms, Promotional material.
  • The ability to read the messages in 92 different languages

Try it free for 30 days by emailing Scouting Radio with an interest to use Tiqbiz for Scouting. We will set you up with an Account within 3 working days. Our packages come as cheap as 75 cent per Scout if Scout Groups purchase a Tiqbiz for Scouting package.  As a Leader would you spend less than 75  on text messages to each Scout parent?

Get Tiqbiz for Scouting today. A percentage of the profits will be donated to Scouting Radio for each Group package purchased.


Request a 30 day trial of Tiqbiz

Tiqbiz is a mobile app available internationally in hundreds of languages. To be set up with a 30 day, no obligation trial of the Tiqbiz app for Scouting, please fill out the form below. One of the Tiqbiz sales team will be in touch within 24 hours.
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