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26th July - 4th August 2015

Registration is now full for the Haarlem Jamborette and Scouting Radio plan to bring you live reports from the Jamboree campsite.

Between July 26th and August 4th Spaarnwoude, the recreational area between Amsterdam and Haarlem, will be transformed into a fantastic international scout camp: the Haarlem Jamborette. Any scout aged 10 – 17 years old will have the opportunity to attend a memorable camp with his group!

The Haarlem Jamborette is organised every four years, with the previous one being held in 2011. More than 2200 participants and 350 staff brought the house down! The staff are working hard on developing and improving the programme so they can give r participants the camp of a lifetime. In 2015 the camp will welcome over 3000 participants!

Haarlem Jamborette 2015 is all about cartoons. Not to turn or your subcamp in Asterix & Obelix, Phineas & Furb or the smurfs but we all together create our own cartoon world! This means loads of room for creativity, fantasy and imagination.

With that, we give colour to our camp. Of course, each subcamp also has its own colour. These are the colours we know from earlier Jamborettes. But we also embedded the colour into the name of each sub camp. This summer, you will make camp in one of these four sub camps: Dunes of Orange, Green Village, Reddington’ Harbour or Yellowlands. How will you colour your camp?

This camp is also the homeland for your avatar. This avatar will be like a type of mascot of your sub camp. Through efforts of all sub camp members during the activities of the Jamborette, you will literally and figuratively give colour and shape to your avatar. Give your avatar muscles by performing during sports, shape it handsomely with crafting activities or create character by a splendid cooperation during trail. By competing with the other sub camps, your avatar can become the best and finest!