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  • 2017 Scouting Events Covered

    There are Scout Jamborees taking place in every corner of the World in 2017 and Scouting Radio will bring you the latest from all the campsites with live broadcasts.
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  • Our Official App

    Download the official Scouting Radio app for your Android phone and listen to Scouting Radio live or our shows on demand. Available for free from the Google Play Store.
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  • Listener Supported Radio

    We're a volunteer station funded by you - the Scouting Radio listener through donations and purchases on our online store.
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  • If its Scouting we have it covered!

    24 hour Internet Radio on the Scout Movement with reports of Scout camps, jamborees and events throughout the World
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Partner or Advertise with Scouting Radio

Since 2005 Scouting Radio has been providing the latest news and information on the World Scout Movement to listeners in every corner of the globe. We're available live on our official website, through our free smart phone app on Android and Apple devices and on demand shows available on several podcasting websites.

We have a massive fan base with on average 20,000 daily listeners and over 119,000 twitter followers.

Every year Scouting Radio engages in several National and International camps and jamborees with our volunteer reporters providing on the ground reports. This places several anxious parents minds at ease knowing that their son or daughter is enjoying camp. It also provides a sense of excitement for those global listeners who could not attend. We make the world of Scouting smaller by getting listeners to interact with our station and create the message of peace that exists with our unique movement. This provides a fantastic opportunity to advertise, promote  your brand, product or service with Scouting Radio.

  • Internet radio is an expanding medium worldwide as more and more connect via smart phones, tablets and PCs
  • Over 96% of adults in Scouting have access to a home computer, the internet and own mobile phones.
  • Over 97% of adults in Scouting have a wide range of interests with camping,reading, gardening, theatre, cycling, skiing and tenpin bowling all showing levels of participation above the national average
  • There has been a 32% increase in America of people listening daily to internet radio

Our listeners tune into Scouting Radio not just for the latest news. They tune in to ask questions to studio on what camp gear we recommend, where to camp, and helpful tips and advice.

You could be part of this broader buying power of the Scout members and their families. Partnering with us will put your brand right at the heart of community and family life and drive traffic to your retail space. It will also help keep Scouting Radio broadcasting news and information on the movement 24 hours a day. Don't forget our station is ran 100% by volunteers.

We always welcome the opportunity for companies to partner with Scouting Radio use their products and services as prizes for competitions and games on air as part of our radio station.

Download our information pack here. If you have any queries please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly!

Contact our studio today!

Scouting Radio loves to fill our site and airwaves with stories and news from around the World that makes our listeners say, “My guys would love to do that!” or for newbies "I want to join Scouting" Now, you can inspire that same feeling in others by getting involved with our station. We’re sure that your group has some fun-filled adventure planned or have some stories to share. Maybe you want to interact with other Scouts from another country. . Tell us about any activity — large or small. We want to hear the details: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Our team will personally review each and every submission. We might even send a reporter to your hometown or link up on Skype or Google Hangouts Submitting ideas is easy. Just fill out the fact sheet below. You can even upload files to us!
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If it's Scouting, we have it covered!

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