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SARASOTA, Fla.  - An Eagle Scout swam to help a man and his grandson who got stuck in a rip current in an area where there are no lifeguard posts.

Lido Beach lifeguard Mark Miller was surveying the beach Tuesday evening when a young woman came rushing up asking for help.

"She hysterically approached the stand letting us know that there were several people caught in a rip current," said Miller. 

A man and his grandson were stuck in a rip current about 300 yards north of the public beach, where there are no lifeguard posts. Miller went to help, but when he arrived, someone was already taking action.

"There were probably 25 people standing around watching him and there was one person down there that was trying to help," said Miller. 

That one person was 18-year-old Clay Buchweitz.

"I was actually in the water and was just body boarding and then all the sudden, I turned around and I heard the guy start yelling 'Help!'"

Buchweitz then swam to the thirteen-year-old and helped him swim out of the current and get to shore.

"He was screaming that he wasn't going to get back to land, and so I just had him looking in my eyes the whole time , trying to keep him calm," said Buchweitz. 

Buchweitz then turned his attention to the older man, throwing his boogie board into the water, keeping him afloat until the lifeguard arrived. It was all training he had learned as an Eagle Scout.

"I never really thought I was going to use all of that training to be honest," said Buchweitz with a chuckle. 

Miller says these were extreme conditions, with red flags flying and the strongest rip current he's ever felt, which is why he says it's a reminder to be careful.

"When the conditions are rough like that, you need to be extremely cautious, and if you're going to swim, you need to swim near a lifeguard," said Miller. 

Miller says if it wasn't for Buchweitz, this could have been a much different scenario, but Buchweitz says he doesn't consider himself a hero.

"I don't know if I was really laying my life on the line, I was just trying to help somebody out," said Buchweitz.