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A group of Irish Scouts heading to Japan later this month will be able to keep in touch with home thanks to an Irish-developed app.

Tiqbiz is a multi-purpose communications app designed by Value Nation, which will allow the 300 Scouts heading to the 2015 World Scout Jamboree in Japan to keep in touch with home by posting alerts, photos, videos and daily reports to the app.

The app is used worldwide as a communications platform for schools and other organisations but this is the first time that it has been adapted to scouting.

John Kenny, of the Malahide Sea Scouts, the first scouting organisation to use the app, said that it was an important development for Scouting Ireland.

“Before the app came along each one of the troops had a youth media correspondents but they were only sending information on Facebook or Twitter,” said Mr. Kenny.

“This means now that we can target the information to their specific families.”

Each troop will have its own public section that users of the app can follow, as well as a password protected section that family members can log onto to get more detailed information on how their child or sibling is doing.  

Anyone looking the follow the activities of Irish Scouts can simply download the app for free from the App Store or the Play Store, select ‘23rd World Scout Jamboree' from the menu, and they will receive all the live updates from the event, as well as background information on the Jamboree, directly to their phone.

The app will also work in conjunction with Scouting Radio, an international scouting radio station which has thousands of listeners around the world.

Users of Tiqbiz will be able to listen to live updates from the Irish Scout camp at the jamboree in a reclaimed piece of land called Kirara-hama, in Yamaguchi city, in the west of Japan.

The Irish Scouts will leave for the jamboree on the 26th of July and will come from all over Ireland and are formed into six troop of 36 Scouts each, as well as adult supervisors.

Every four years, tens of thousands thousands of Scouts from countries around the world meet for the World Scout Jamboree, a massive event organised by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.