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  • 2017 Scouting Events Covered

    There are Scout Jamborees taking place in every corner of the World in 2017 and Scouting Radio will bring you the latest from all the campsites with live broadcasts.
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  • Our Official App

    Download the official Scouting Radio app for your Android phone and listen to Scouting Radio live or our shows on demand. Available for free from the Google Play Store.
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  • Listener Supported Radio

    We're a volunteer station funded by you - the Scouting Radio listener through donations and purchases on our online store.
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  • If its Scouting we have it covered!

    24 hour Internet Radio on the Scout Movement with reports of Scout camps, jamborees and events throughout the World
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Listener Supported Internet Radio on Scouting

Scouting Radio began test transmissions in 2004 and went live on Founders Day 2005. We had little idea of where it would be today (can it be that long ago?). We truly appreciate readers and listeners expressions of thanks and support. Your support has helped us grow and grow to the only 24/7 internet radio station for Scouting which is endorsed by the Honorable Michael Baden-Powell

It is the generosity of you, our listeners and supporters, that enables Scouting Radio to stay on air – Thank You!

What began as a simple college project has grown into an award winning internet radio station. Our volunteer team devote many hours a week to producing content and answering email. All of this will remain freely available to everyone.

As the audience has grown so has the amount of time and resources required to keep Scouting Radio live 24 hours a day.

If you are a regular reader and listener, If the information, inspiration, and ideas offered by Scouting Radio have helped you, You may wish to show your support by becoming a regular donator or purchase a badge to show your support. You may like to become a regular listener backer to our station.

Our regular backers donate a fee monthly to our station or a once off fee which goes directly into running costs for our station.

Become an underwriter or our daily sponsor

If you are a business you may become our daily sponsor (underwriter). Day sponsor messages air five times on the day of your choice.

An underwriting acknowledgment always begins with the same lead-in: “This programme is made possible in part by Scouting Radio listener donations and a grant from…” After that, we can go as long as 15 seconds, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but we fit quite a bit in.

What we cannot say is any statement that is qualitative (“the best…”), solicitory (a call to action, as in “call now!”), comparative (that is, language specifically intended to distinguish one's business from one's competitors), or includes price information. Nor can we use music beds (that is, theme music behind the acknowledgment).

To become an underwriter please contact our sales team
We add all our Listener backers and underwriters to our list of supporters on our site with a website link.
We also have our online store where authors have agreed to make a donation to Scouting Radio for every sale of their books through our shopping cart.


Donate to Scouting Radio

Become a Patron

Scouting is a proven program that helps shape the development of our youth through programs that build character. It is our mission to promote the World Scout Movement through Internet Radio. Support us in our goal by becoming a once off or monthly patron to our listener funded and supported radio station. We have many gifts to reward our Listener loyalty.